Farragut Launches Arist Analytics, a Business Intelligence Tool



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Farragut Launches Arist Analytics, a Business Intelligence Tool for Tax Offices

Empowering Teams to Make Data Driven Decisions

Durham, NC – June 28, 2023 – Farragut has launched an innovative business intelligence solution for tax assessors and their teams to visualize their data, make informed data driven decisions, and improve efficiency. As part of Farragut’s Innovation Lab, Arist Analytics was developed as a direct result of customer collaboration and the need to see visualized data in real time.

“Working directly with our team of experts, I am proud to announce that Farragut has launched a business intelligence solution solely for property tax offices,” said CEO Shail Jain. “For more than thirty years, Farragut has listened to our partners and tailored our solutions to the challenge facing them. Arist Analytics allows our customers to make data driven decisions at a moments notice and save them countless hours of what they would have previously done in a spreadsheet.”

Arist Analytics is a software application that combines existing CAMA data, brings that data to life with visual analytics, and can bring in third party data to validate, improve and transform the world of property tax. From reappraisal, to appeals, to staffing, Arist Analytics can transform an office and bring clarity to complex problems.

Farragut's Innovation Lab is tackling challenging problems and offering efficient solutions that result in time and cost savings. Currently, Farragut is partnering with St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana to improve the efficiency of their reappraisal process and optimize resource allocation through data. Likewise, in Forsyth County, North Carolina, we have collaborated to create custom insights that will improve the accuracy and equity of their assessments.

Over the past three decades, Farragut has grown to become one of the leading workers compensation and property tax solution providers in the United States. Spanning across seven states, Farragut works directly with customers to create customized solutions that are intuitive, comprehensive, and affordable. From enterprise systems to quick to deploy applications, Farragut can solve your challenges. To learn more about Farragut or to book a free consultation, visit www.farragut.com.


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