What We Do

Farragut is a custom software developer that provides innovative workers’ compensation data reporting and data analytics solutions to both insurance carriers and data collection organizations.

Farragut’s role is to stimulate, facilitate and refine concepts and solutions anchored in the pursuit of three objectives:

  1. Cost reduction – assistance in reducing the amount of time and effort it takes insurers to meet their statutory data reporting requirements, thereby helping to reduce their internal costs.
  2. Increased consistency – to help insurers gain more consistency in data reporting.
  3. Improved data accuracy – improve data quality through highly efficient and effective web-based systems that leverage internal operating systems.

Farragut understands the data reporting business and has worked with its clients to develop internal and external systems to enhance data reporting.

Why Farragut is a Leader in the Workers’ Compensation Industry

  • 27 years of experience serving the workers’ compensation data reporting industry
  • Developed systems to process:
    • Approximately 2.5 million policies annually
    • About 3.7 million unit statistical reports annually
  • Developed system to process almost 8 million electronic transactions annually
  • Delivered innovations to move clients from batch processing to real-time processing
  • Partnered with a consortium of independent rating bureaus, representing $14 billion in direct written premium, to build and support core operating system
  • Provides data reporting, processing, and analytical toolsets which, in total, serves organizations representing 51% of work comp industry direct written premium


Farragut assists industry leaders with innovation. Farragut serves consortiums of independent rating bureaus. Spectrum helps independent rating bureaus achieve greater efficiency, higher data quality, faster turnaround times, and a smooth-running, paper-free operation.


Farragut assists our partner Long Group Consultants (LGC) in providing trusted outsourcing services to workers' compensation carriers. The flagship product wsSYNC automates your data reporting to the independent bureaus and NCCI of Policy, Stat, Indemnity, and Medical calls. Learn more about our partnership and wsSYNC.