Why Aspirational Leaders Are Essential for Property Tax Assessment

While property taxes may not be very exciting to the average citizen, they are a vital (and in some cases the most vital) revenue source for essential services for every community. Equitable, accurate, and efficient property tax assessment for all citizens is the sole responsibility of each jurisdiction’s assessor. Their work is critical to healthy communities.

Over the past three decades, Farragut has gone beyond simply providing software solutions that make an assessor’s job easier. We have focused on serving assessors who possess a unique and important leadership characteristic that is essential for the property tax assessment industry. So, what’s exceptional about these assessors who have joined forces with us and our CAMA software solutions?

What Is an Aspirational Leader?

Our clients are passionate, forward-thinking individuals who strive to achieve the best in their personal and professional lives while also inspiring others to do the same.

Ambitious in the best way, these assessors encourage and elevate their teams to be the best they can be, to look beyond simply getting the work done. They focus on traits such as improvement, motivation, inspiration, and a winning-team mindset to move their organizations forward.

Why Is Aspirational Leadership Important for Property Tax Assessment?

Like most industries, property tax assessment faces constant changes, challenges, and opportunities. The assessment profession ― and each jurisdiction’s ― success and advancement depends on leaders who are willing to make changes and take calculated risks to achieve something better ― to reach their organization’s full potential.

Aspirational leaders often are the drivers and early adopters of new ideas and approaches that become the next best practices for others to follow. Forging new frontiers through thoughtful exploration, they enable the rest of the property tax world to move forward with less risk and effort (that many leaders may not be willing to initially take on).

How Does Farragut Support Aspirational Leadership?

Farragut encourages and supports aspirational leadership within our clientele and within our own organization. We hire, uplift, and motivate our team of employees that hold the vision of something better, a commitment to meaningful change, a willingness to think creatively, and the drive to act boldly.

With clients, Farragut partners with assessment leaders who drive new ideas and approaches that ultimately advance the industry for everyone. We cater to their unique and aspirational needs with tailored CAMA solutions that better serve their fresh perspectives and methods, and which puts them in control of their future.

Our Arist tailored property tax solutions provide:
• Source code licensing that offers full ownership and control of their CAMA solution
• Tailored software capabilities designed specifically for their organization's unique vision and requirements
• Software capabilities of a robust and flexible software foundation that has proven its value across multiple innovative jurisdictions
• Integration capabilities that expand the value of their CAMA solution by linking with interdepartmental systems and the tax industry's best products

Resist the Temptation of the Status Quo

At Farragut, we encourage all aspirational assessors to continue to challenge yourselves and inspire others in pursuit of your organization’s full potential. Keep embracing the changes and challenges required to reach something greater, and help your team do the same.

Resist the temptation of being content with the status quo and following along with the crowd. Break free of the CAMA software limitations that box you in, restrain innovation, and leave your vendor in control of your organization’s future.

There is a better way. I value each opportunity to serve clients who inspire creativity, new possibilities, and innovative public service. If you're interested in learning about what's possible for what you and your organization can achieve, reach out to me here, and be sure to check out what our Arist tailored property tax solutions have to offer.
Jeff McDonald
VP, Local Government Solutions

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