NC Property Tax Solution

Farragut partners with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners to make the North Carolina Property Tax System (NCPTS) available to all counties to achieve greater consistency in appraisals and higher collection rates.

NCPTS offers the opportunity for counties to learn from one other by sharing ideas, experiences, and advice—and to share in the cost of this state-of-the-art property tax solution.

NCPTS Solution Modules

Real Property (CAMA)

Automate, simplify, and standardize appraisals, and improve valuation accuracy with state-of- the-art CAMA tools

Personal Property

Streamline business & personal property listing and appraisal management and workflow


Integrate advanced appeals capabilities with CAMA, personal property, and billing for improved efficiency, accuracy, and resolution

Assessment & Billing

Simplify tax rate & jurisdiction management, tax exemptions & relief, and billing management & workflow


Accelerate collection of electronic & manual tax payments, special assessments, and additional payments

Delinquent Collections

Improve collection results using one of the most comprehensive delinquent collection toolsets available

Integrated Solution Partners

  • Apex Sketch
  • EagleView Pictometry
  • Spatialest Geospatial
  • Marshall & Swift Costs
  • SAS Assessment AI
  • Interdepartmental system integrations (deeds, permits, finance)