Maximizing Efficiency with Arist ParcelSync Pro

Maximizing Efficiency with Arist ParcelSync Pro

If you're passionate about parcel mapping and maximizing your efficiency in GIS workflows, then look no further. Arist ParcelSync Pro by Farragut, a versatile GIS-based parcel mapping software designed to streamline parcel maintenance workflows and synchronize changes with Land Record systems. Let's delve into the features and functionalities that make ParcelSync Pro an indispensable tool for GIS professionals.

Seamless Integration with Enterprise GIS Platforms

ParcelSync Pro seamlessly integrates with modern Enterprise GIS platforms like ArcGIS Pro, providing users with access to a plethora of resources and functionalities. Whether it's initiating a new transaction, navigating existing ones, validating data, or posting parcel data fetched from CAMA systems, ParcelSync Pro leverages the power of ArcGIS Pro to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Enhancing Collaboration with External Systems

Mappers within the GIS department execute various workflows to update GIS data and communicate with external systems such as Land Record systems and Deed Queue Management software (DeedSync). ParcelSync Pro facilitates seamless communication and data exchange between these systems, ensuring that information and statuses are updated across the board upon successful completion of each workflow.

Tailored Integration for Diverse Needs

Recognizing the diversity of Farragut customers and their Land Record systems, ParcelSync Pro offers tailored integration with different software environments. Whether it's in-house systems or third-party solutions, ParcelSync Pro adapts to the unique requirements of each customer, providing a seamless experience regardless of the production environment.

Unveiling ParcelSync Pro's Helper Tools

ParcelSync Pro boasts a suite of in-built helper tools and tasks designed to enhance the user experience and streamline parcel mapping workflows. Let's explore some of these tools:

· Overlay Helper: Captures additional parcel information from other layers, such as overlapping jurisdictions, zoning, and soil. Results are generated for all child parcels of the transaction, providing comprehensive insights.

· Split Parcel: Enables real-time edits to parcels, including creating ad hoc or child parcels and conducting topology validation, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

· Acreage Comparison: Calculates the difference and percentage difference between Assessed Acreage and Calculated Acreage field values, providing valuable insights into parcel discrepancies.

· Physical Addressing: Empowers users to add one or multiple physical addresses for each parcel and modify existing addresses fetched from CAMA systems, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Arist ParcelSync Pro by Farragut redefines parcel mapping workflows, offering a robust suite of features and functionalities to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. With seamless integration, tailored solutions, and powerful helper tools, ParcelSync Pro empowers GIS professionals to tackle complex tasks with ease, driving productivity and innovation in the realm of land records management.

Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and updates on ParcelSync Pro as we continue to explore its capabilities and unlock new possibilities in GIS parcel mapping.

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