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Headed to IAAO? Farragut’s Innovation Lab will be on site and is looking forward to welcoming you to Salt Lake City. As an IAAO strategic partner, Farragut will be presenting thought leadership discussions on emerging technologies in the property tax space. From advanced analytics to fully integrated property tax solutions, Farragut’s team of tax experts wants to dream big with you and your team.

Learn and Grow with Farragut:

The Future of Technology: Empowering Assessors Through Business Intelligence on Monday, August 28 at 10:30 AM

Basic Principles of Data Science for Assessors and Managers on Monday, August 28 at 3pm

Unleash the Power of Tailored Solutions: Maximize Your Office and Data Potential on Wednesday, August 30 at 10:30 AM

Farragut empowers you to make data driven decisions through our CAMA system, Billing and Collections system, Analytics, and more.

Stop by our booth and pick up a card for a free one-hour consultation with our Innovation Lab or email stefani.zimmerman@farragut.com to set up your brainstorming session today.

Meet the Speakers

Brad Fowler

Real Property Manager, Mecklenburg County

Ed Parker

Product Manager Director, Farragut

Stefani Zimmerman

Sales and Marketing Director, Farragut

Sanjay Chouhan

Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, Farragut

Tyron Alston

Product Owner, Farragut

John Burgiss

Tax Assessor and Collector, Forsyth County

Join Farragut and Tax Experts on September 20th for an IAAO Webinar

In case you missed the discussion in Salt Lake City, join Farragut and tax experts to discuss how emerging technology is changing the world of property tax. Technology is rapidly evolving and has the ability to transform best practices for tax accessors and their teams. This panel will discuss where technology is headed, how accessors should responsibly use it and how it is changing the field.

Key Discussion Points Will Include:

  1. Technology’s Trajectory
  2. Responsible Utilization
  3. Transformational Best Practices
  4. Navigating Change
  5. Equity and Fairness

Register today: https://live.zoho.com/AVdgAP8NHb

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