Farragut’s Commitment to Responsible AI

Farragut's Commitment to Responsible AI

By, Stefani Zimmerman

This blog explores the world of artificial intelligence (AI)—enhancing its opportunities and managing its risks. AI has created significant transformations in various domains, but it also generates issues about its moral use. That is why different actions and regulations, like the Executive Order on responsible AI from the White House and the AI for Good initiative from the UN, are aiming to advance responsible AI practices. 

Farragut is committed to this approach. We believe in the importance of prioritizing privacy, transparency, and safety in AI development, especially for assessors.  

In 2023, the White House issued an executive order on AI. In addition to strict testing and reporting requirements, the Executive Order has taken steps to: 

  • Protect Americans’ privacy,  
  • Advance equity and civil rights,  
  • Advocate for consumers, patients, and students,  
  • Support workers,  
  • Promote innovation and competition,  
  • Advance American leadership, and  
  • Ensure responsible and effective government use of AI. 

The UN is also championing the positive impact AI can have on humanity through initiatives like the AI for Good Global Summit. By bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, the UN aims to leverage AI to tackle global challenges and promote a more equitable world. Farragut shares this vision. 

Tech companies such as Microsoft are also acting in advance to achieve responsible AI. They have set up AI Principles that emphasize fairness, dependability, security, privacy, diversity, clarity, and responsibility. Farragut fully supports these principles. 

Furthermore, companies like Microsoft are investing in tools to enhance transparency and accountability in AI systems. These tools help users understand how AI models make decisions and identify biases or inaccuracies. engaging in dialogue with policymakers to shape regulations that promote responsible AI innovation. 

In conclusion, responsible AI development requires collaboration between governments, international organizations, companies, and civil society. Initiatives like the White House's Executive Order and the UN's AI for Good initiative, along with commitments from companies like Microsoft, are crucial steps towards ensuring that AI benefits society while upholding ethical principles and respecting human rights. 

At Farragut, we are passionately committed to increasing Assessor productivity while increasing accuracy equity and explainability.  

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