From supporting schools, feeding children, and improving the environment, giving back to our community is a central theme at Farragut. Volunteerism at all levels reflects our deep commitment to service, and our ongoing efforts to leave the world around us a little better than we found it.


Parkwood Elementary School serves a diverse student population in southern Durham. Every week for more than two decades, Farragut volunteers have headed there to tutor in math and reading. This regular connection is important for the children, both academically and in their social development—and it works wonders for our staff as well.

Backpack Buddies

This program makes sure eligible students have something good to eat over the weekend. Students receive backpacks filled with enough food for six healthy meals and two snacks. We support this important effort with a dedicated packing station in our offices, staffed by a rotating crew of eager volunteers who help to feed more than 100 kids each week.

Donor Spotlight

For over 20 years, Farragut Systems’ employees take time out of their week, and funds from their own pockets to sponsor and pack bags of nutritious food for the Food Shuttle’s BackPack Buddies program. This past year, they sponsored and packed 100 bags per week for children at Parkwood and Eastgate Elementary Schools in Durham.

Supporting a Healthier Planet

NC Greenpower, a landmark initiative approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, works to improve the environment through voluntary contributions for renewable energy and the mitigation of greenhouse gases. Payroll deductions and matching contributions extend and amplify our internal environmental initiatives.