Let nothing stand in your way.

No one said implementing your vision of a powerful, groundbreaking property tax solution would be easy. You have unique needs to address. Doubters to convince. Obstacles to overcome.

To all of which we say: We’re ready when you are.

Farragut’s Arist property tax solutions are tailor-made for aspirational leaders—those who are painfully aware of the gap between what’s available and what’s possible. And who won’t be able to rest until their vision is made real.

Imagine being able to:

Shape the future. Forget ill-fitting, off-the-shelf software and take-it-or-leave-it installations. We’ll create a solution formed around your specific needs and infrastructure.

Build from strength. Take advantage of our robust software foundation—one that’s already proven its mettle across multiple large, innovative implementations.

Work with experts. We’re as conversant in tax code as we are in computer code. This combination of experience ensures we can keep up with all of your new ideas.

Control your destiny. Instead of vendor lock-in, you get full ownership, investment protection, and maintenance flexibility through source-code licensing.

With the right partner—one who’s accountable, who does what they say and says what they mean, who you’d trust with your professional life—this isn’t just possible; it’s practical.

And we can’t wait to get started.

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When we say it’s your solution, we mean it.
Arist gives you full ownership and control of your property tax solution through source code licensing. You can modify your solution any time, in any way you choose. You can work with us, your internal team or even a third party to provide maintenance and support.

Products to get you where you want to go.

Arist starts with Farragut’s foundational suite of advanced software modules, available individually or as a fully integrated solution. And then we tailor everything necessary to bring your vision to life.

Arist Modules

Real Property (CAMA)
Automate, simplify, and standardize appraisals, and improve valuation accuracy with state-of-the-art CAMA tools
Personal Property
Streamline business & personal property listing and appraisal management and workflow
Integrate advanced appeals capabilities with CAMA, personal property, and billing for improved efficiency, accuracy, and results
Simplify tax rate & jurisdiction management, tax exemptions & relief
Integrated Solution Partners


  • Apex Sketch

  • EagleView Pictometry

  • Spatialest Geospatial

  • Marshall & Swift Costs

  • SAS Assessment AI

  • Interdepartmental System Integration (deeds, permits, finance)

Collector Modules

Simplify billing management & workflow
Accelerate collection of online, electronic & manual tax payments, special assessments, and additional payments
Delinquent Collections
Improve collection results using a fully automated delinquent collection toolset
Integrated Product Options
Interdepartmental systems integration including assessor and financial systems

Services to ensure your success along the way.

Farragut supports Arist with services as comprehensive as the products themselves, including unique offerings that help turn technology transitions into organizational transformations.

Transition Management
To help individuals, teams and leaders effectively manage the integration of new software, implementation of new business processes and introduction of new business roles
Project Management
To ensure that all objectives are met, and maximize value within predetermined schedule and budget
User Training
To improve end-users’ capability, capacity, productivity and performance
Technical Training
To prepare IT staff for system administration, maintenance and support services

Product Initiatives
To support new and improved business processes and objectives
Data Migration
To assist with the selection, preparation, transformation and validation of data to be transferred, utilizing automation wherever possible
System Installation & Integration
To make sure everything operates within the designated technical environment and is integrated with interdepartmental systems
Maintenance & Support
To provide flexible support options that ensure seamless operations, including user support, enhanced features, technical upgrades and problem resolution

Up to the Challenge.

We work closely with forward-thinking property tax leaders to implement breakthrough solutions using Arist. And we’ve achieved some pretty impressive results.

Local Government Property Tax Transformation

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

For all 100 counties in North Carolina, appraisal and tax collection were complex and challenging. Sometimes, the process worked exactly as intended; all too often, however, vast differences between business practices in different counties resulted in inconsistent application of the law—causing major issues throughout the state.

Rising to the challenge
Using the Arist platform, Farragut worked with the NCACC to develop the North Carolina Property Tax System (NCPTS), a cooperative technology initiative that automated and optimized the property tax process—including assessment and collection of real and personal properties. This led to greater consistency in appraisals and higher collection rates, while also creating a forum where counties can learn from one another and share in the cost of a robust and effective system—with 51% of the statewide property tax base served so far.

Kevin Leonard,
Executive Director

David Baker,
Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach

Tina Stone,
Personal Property Division Manager

Travis Isaacs,
Property Valuation Specialist

Statewide Vehicle Tax Transformation

North Carolina Department of Revenue

Vehicle registration fees and vehicle property taxes were being billed and paid separately, under a complex system in which each county was responsible for managing vehicle tax collections, while the state DMV collected registration fees. This led to data inconsistencies, duplicate costs and a steep erosion in voluntary compliance—with as many as 40% of vehicle owners not renewing or paying county taxes on time.

Rising to the challenge
Using the Arist platform, Farragut worked with the North Carolina Departments of Revenue and Transportation to launch North Carolina’s “Tag & Tax Together” system. This created a consistent, convenient way to pay annual vehicle tag renewals and vehicle property taxes at the same time—leading to an annual revenue increase of $220 million.