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Arist Analytics for Assessors

What is Arist Analytics for Assessors?

What is Arist Analytics for Assessors?

Farragut Arist Analytics is a software application that combines existing CAMA data, brings that data to life with visual analytics, and can bring in third-party data to validate, improve, and transform the world of property tax. From reappraisal to appeals, to staffing, Arist Analytics can transform an office and bring clarity to complex problems.

Arist Analytics is an innovative business intelligence solution for tax assessors and their teams to visualize their data, make informed data-driven decisions, and improve efficiency. 

Breakthrough Reappraissal Insights:

We are in a transformative era marked by historic challenges and AI advancements that promise to greatly enhance productivity and tackle pressing issues.

Farragut aims to be a responsible steward in emerging technologies in order to bring artificial intelligence technology to property tax assessment. It is our commitment, through products like Arist Analytics, to empower assessors to make huge leaps in efficiency, effectiveness, and insights using your CAMA and existing data.   ​

Arist Analytics offers you four data insight methods for the new era of property tax assessment. ​

Interactive Management Dashboards: visual, interactive, and drill-down dashboards that allow you to determine what is happening and why it is happening in your office and jurisdiction – are things going well or not and what is causing any challenges?

Smart Work Assistants: copilots that guide users through property tax assessment and taxation work to save time, reduce frustration, increase quality, and consistently reach goals.

Advanced Data Analytics: analysis that uses sophisticated statistical and computational techniques to analyze large datasets and determine the fair market values of properties for taxation purposes with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence: machine learning that predicts what is likely to happen in the future based upon previous trends and patterns – exposes new & sometimes unexpected insights.

Arist Analytics Services Available Today

Farragut is accelerating Arist Analytics services to assessors by infusing it across every layer of the property tax assessment world.

Interactive Management Dashboards

Reappraisal Equity Confidence: Compares Median Sale Ratio for multiple classes of properties within neighborhoods to ensure equitable appraisal methods.

Real Property Value Insights: Summarizes current value for real property by property class or Jurisdiction, breaks down exemptions and deferrals, and provides drill down to detailed parcel data level.

Appeals Insights: At-a-glance update on appeals volume and impact as appeals are being filed, including jurisdiction and county wide views.

Arist Tailored Pilot: Talk with one of our consultants about your specific interest and challenges and we will create one tailored management dashboard specifically for you. Then experience the power of Arist Analytics using your own data or our sample data.

Welcome to Farragut

Welcome to Farragut, where two decades of CAMA excellence meets the innovation of artificial intelligence technology for property tax assessment and taxation. We're not just saving you time; we're boosting your confidence about valuation in every decision.​

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