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Welcome to the NC Machinery Act Wiki. The Machinery Act, officially known as Subchapter II of Chapter 105 of the General Statutes of NC, governs all NC property tax collection and assessment.

This website is supported and maintained by Farragut Systems. Our purpose in providing this tool is to allow more convenient, keyword-searchable access to the laws governing NC property tax assessment and collection. For more NC property tax information and resources, be sure to visit our blog.

Article Listing

  • Article 11 - Short Title, Purpose, and Definitions
  • Article 12 - Property Subject to Taxation
  • Article 12A - Taxation of Lessees and Users of Tax-Exempt Cropland or Forestland
  • Article 13 - Standards for Appraisal and Assessment
  • Article 14 - Time for Listing and Appraising Property for Taxation
  • Article 15 - Duties of Department and Property Tax Commission as to Assessments
  • Article 16 - County Listing, Appraisal, and Assessing Officials
  • Article 17 - Administration of Listing
  • Article 18 - Reports in Aid of Listing
  • Article 19 - Administration of Real and Personal Property Appraisal
  • Article 20 - Approval, Preparation, Disposition of Records

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