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Burke County and Iredell County Go Live with FARRAGUT AddressOne
FARRAGUT Introduces Centerline Maintenance, a new Extension for AddressOne

Longmont, Colo., January 10, 2011—FARRAGUT, a public sector software company, announced today that North Carolina’s Burke and Iredell Counties are now live with FARRAGUT AddressOne. AddressOne is a packaged software solution that streamlines address creation, validation, maintenance, and integration using GIS-based tools.

“One thing that everyone in a county has is an address,” said Steve Ervin, Assistant Assessor & Real Property Manager with the Iredell County Tax Office. “Accurate address information is the key to county services such as emergency services, taxes, voting, and allocation of resources. It all comes back to the address.”

Despite the focus on the address as a unifying point for almost everything a city or county does, most local governments’ addressing databases are riddled with errors and inconsistencies. Typically, addresses are assigned over many years by different people in different departments without consistent procedures and conventions.

Burke County and Iredell County are among the first counties in the country to begin to realize the benefits of a county-wide system for managing addressing data.

The first benefit is accuracy. “The right address can be a matter of life and death in an emergency,” said Chris Bridges, GIS/Mapping Administrator for Iredell County. “AddressOne has cleaned and validated our addressing database. We now have a lot more confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of our addresses.”

Data accuracy is one benefit of AddressOne; efficiency is another. Previously, Burke County maintained its addresses in three separate systems—on paper, in a legacy database, and in its GIS system. Now the data from those three systems has been rolled into one place, AddressOne, a centralized system supported by powerful GIS tools and automation features. The implementation went “much smoother than I expected,” said Scott Black, Scott Black, GIS Manager, Burke County.

The county is just beginning to scratch the surface of what the new software can do. “The first time I used the system to create a new street from scratch, I was amazed,” said Black. “What used to take at least an hour took just 15 minutes. And that was just one street. Imagine extending that time savings to a new development.”

Introducing Centerline Maintenance for AddressOne, a New Extension
Both counties are also leveraging a new AddressOne extension, Centerline Maintenance for AddressOne. The extension includes two tools:

  • The first is a master street dictionary that manages and reserves street names and associated attributes (e.g., the dictionary automatically marks street names that have been reserved by developers). The dictionary prevents redundant naming of streets—a hassle at best, a potential public safety hazard at worst.
  • The second is a user interface for managing the street centerline and their associated attributes (e.g., address ranges, jurisdictional boundaries, emergency response areas, zip codes, and more). The centerline is leveraged by various county departments (e.g., emergency services) to provide accurate location data.

Since 1994, FARRAGUT has been leading the way to help local government applications—and personnel—work better together to serve the public. When multiple departments enter the same data into multiple databases, errors arise and precious resources are wasted. FARRAGUT software ties systems together and streamlines business functions. With improved productivity and accuracy, customers can be more responsive to citizens’ needs, lower operating costs and increase revenues. FARRAGUT is a Microsoft® Gold Partner and a longstanding ESRI® Business Partner.

About AddressOne
FARRAGUT AddressOne, FARRAGUT Enterprise Addressing Product, is a robust enterprise addressing solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of local government. AddressOne provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlines address creation, validation and maintenance using robust GIS-based tools
  • Increases the accuracy and reliability of address data
  • Provides the ability to centrally manage and standardize the use of both physical and mailing addresses
  • Provides the ability to query and validate addressing information
  • Maintains a complete history of retired and obsolete addresses
  • Provides a robust set of web services that allows AddressOne to be integrated with other departmental applications

For more information about AddressOne, visit localgov/addressone.php.

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