Fire, Passion, & NCACC Leadership Converge

Durham, NC – September 24th, 2014. Posted by Shelley Hare.

Intro: Commissioner Glen Webb, of Pitt County, was voted as NCACC’s President-Elect last month during their Annual Conference.

Webb, still serving his first term as Commissioner, initially threw his hat into the race for Second Vice President of the NCACC in 2010. As a newcomer, he had no expectations of winning, but says that he was quickly humbled by the support that came from commissioners across the state. Ultimately successful in pulling out the win, Webb has continued to rise through the ranks of the Association’s Executive Board over the last 4 years.

Farragut spoke with Commissioner Webb after his latest appointment of NCACC’s President-Elect, to get his take on this great achievement, so early in his political career.

How did it feel to be sworn in as the 2014-2015 NCACC President-Elect?

“It is very exciting and humbling when your peers choose you, trust in you, and recognize your leadership,” said Commissioner Webb. “I have a lot of fire and passion and am ready to get things done; but it wasn’t just me, or just on my talents that I got this position. I am sustained by other commissioners who have more experience and believe in my ability to grow. Their support really means a lot to me. I rely on the subject matter experts and have enough wisdom to seek advice from those who have been involved with politics a lot longer than I have,” Webb explained.

As you complete your first four years serving in local government, what would you say has most surprised you?

“I would say how busy it is,” Webb revealed. “It is a lot more in depth then I thought it was. There is a large diversity of issues that you have to deal with and a knowledge base you have to build up. This has been a four-year lesson for me and I continue to learn every day."

What are the most rewarding aspects of your role as County Commissioner for Pitt County?

“The most rewarding part has nothing to do with sitting in the Board room,” said Webb. “It is meeting with the public. I have met thousands of people that I would have never met otherwise. Being able to hear issues and having the ability to effect change and make a difference in their lives is a big deal to me.”

“When I ran, I let everyone know that by voting for me, you weren’t just marking my name on the ballot, but you were signing up to help achieve all of our goals,” continued Webb. “I don’t want people holding me up, or standing behind me, but instead want people standing with me, and have worked hard to make sure I have done that.”

What have you, and other members of the NCACC, helped champion for local government over the last four years that you are most proud of?

“The Tax & Tag program1 is something that we are really proud of,” expressed Webb. “We are extremely happy with the program and very appreciative of Farragut for following through on this project. They did a great job. This is the most successful thing that we, as the state of NC, have put out in terms of Information Technology (IT). Because tax dollars were used to fund this system and put this program together, it is very important to me as a purist on tax, to see that the money was spent correctly and was used towards a real solution that actually works – and it has been a success.”

“The program will bring in close to a million that [my county] didn’t have before. By standardizing state-wide, and having a system that streamlines the entire process, it also makes it easier for people who move across county lines.”

“Also, NC counties are currently losing millions a year in lottery funds2,”said Webb. “We have been working, and continue to work on, getting 100 million dollars in lottery funds reinstated and are fighting to get the 40% written back into the legislation. We are appreciative of the NC General Assembly understanding where we are coming from on this issue and working with us as partners in this goal, even in these hard economic times. We continue to advocate for our counties and are talking about an incremental increase to get our share back up to the 40%.”

What legislative goals are you hoping will be a target focus for 2014-2015?

“Lottery funds, revenue streams, and transportation are perpetual goals,” said Webb. “And the mental health situation has gone from bad to worse in NC, so we are going to be in a real fight this year to make the mental health system better. NC spends more money housing mental health patients versus getting them the help and the treatment needed to get out of a cell and into a cubicle by treating and understanding the underlying issues that result in behavioral problems. We want to address this issue and get people the help they need.”

  1. Tax & Tag Program: The NC General Assembly passed legislation to create a combined motor vehicle registration renewal and property tax collection system that would allow both these payments to be collected simultaneously, thus saving NC taxpayers on the expense of duplicate mailings and improving motor vehicle collection rates.
  2. Protecting & Restoring County Lottery Funds for School Construction: When the NC State lottery was approved in 2005, there was a statutory guarantee that 40% of net lottery proceeds would go to counties for funding school construction or renovation projects. In 2009, that number was reduced to 20.8%, drastically cutting the amount of revenue needed for county education projects.