Farragut Announces Release of NC Machinery Act Wiki

Durham, NC – November 6, 2012. Posted by Shelley Hare.

Farragut Systems, a software development company which specializes in software for North Carolina local governments, has now launched the NC Machinery Act Wiki. This wiki has been developed as a tool for tax professionals across the state to quickly and easily search for the statutes related to property taxes.

The Machinery Act, officially known as Subchapter II of Chapter 105 of the General Statutes of NC, governs all NC property tax collections and assessment for our state.

The benefit of having the NC Machinery Act Wiki available online versus in hand is the keyword search functionality that allows NC property tax professionals to easily navigate through the dense tax statutes, saving time.

Farragut’s hope is that this tool will aid tax professionals in their daily work lives and that it will be a beneficial resource they can call on often.

About Farragut Systems
Farragut makes local government more efficient through new technology. Farragut specializes in providing software solutions for the complex problems that plague local governments and in particular property tax.

Their team of experts zeros in on their client’s exact needs to produce a product that increases efficiency, eliminates duplicate data entry, and saves local governments time and money.

Among their flagship products are NCPTS, a complete end-to-end property tax solution, NCPTS Cloud, a cloud based property tax solution for smaller NC counties, and AddressOne, a state of the art GIS-enabled addressing solution.

For more information about FARRAGUT or NCPTS, visit www.farragut.com/localgov.