NCPTS Billing

From property tax bill search to property tax bill adjustments, NCPTS streamlines your billing processes for personal and business personal, real property, and motor vehicle taxes as well as non-property fees such as special assessments, permits, and food and beverage taxes.

Many county billing departments continue to struggle with clunky, archaic billing systems that make seemingly simple tasks frustrating and time consuming. NCPTS Billing addresses these issues with integrated functionality that saves time and stress, such as:

  • Trial Billing. Easily create and verify trial bills before actually billing the abstracts to eliminate errors and reduce the time spent correcting them.
  • Correspondence Tracking. NCPTS keeps track of all correspondence processed through its interface. With a few clicks you can pull up and reprint property tax bills and more in seconds.
  • Faster Bill Creation. NCPTS is tested and verified for creating large volumes of property tax bills in a short amount of time. Current clients have reported success in creating up to 350,000 property tax bills in a single day.
  • Simplified Bill Corrections. NCPTS Billing allows you to modify a tax bill with no manual calculations. Simply adjust the bill on the screen and NCPTS automatically recalculates the tax bill. And, this functionality makes the auditing process easier than ever. Auditors can simply review transaction histories on screen.
  • Calculating Future Taxes Due. Provide better service to taxpayers with readily available property tax information for next year's tax bill. NCPTS gives you the power to estimate property tax due on a future tax bill.

For more information on NCPTS Billing, be sure to request your very own demo today.

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"The in-house efficiencies have been tremendous. We have found ways to do things in less time with less people."

Ben Chavis, Tax Director, Guilford County