Revaluation is a time-consuming and complicated process with a lot of moving parts. NCPTS CAMA helps property tax appraisers coordinate all of these moving parts for a seamless revaluation process.

First, NCPTS CAMA simplifies the complex processes involved in revaluation by integrating with and analyzing data from land records such as sales data, appreciation information, land pricing, and the base rate. CAMA then uses this information to automatically define a new Schedule of Values for you.

And, when it's time to assign territories to the appraisers, CAMA's scheduling tool allows you to easily delegate neighborhoods.

CAMA also allows you to more easily:

  • Schedule and track tax valuation appeals
  • Access new construction permits and electronically attach them to parcels
  • View the most up-to-date land records information including ownership transfers and updates from appraisers.
  • Access information from the land records department any time you need it

Plus, NCPTS CAMA includes a public web access portal where taxpayers can view their current tax bills and appraisal information without having to contact your office, saving you time while enhancing customer service.

Schedule a demo today to see how NCPTS CAMA can revolutionize your property tax appraisal process.

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"The in-house efficiencies have been tremendous. We have found ways to do things in less time with less people."

Ben Chavis, Tax Director, Guilford County