NCPTS Enforced Collections

NCPTS Enforced Collections provides tax collectors with the tools they need to more effectively manage delinquent tax collection. In fact, participating NC counties report increased tax collections by as much as 2%!

This powerful software simplifies and automates many of the manual processes involved in enforced collections. NCPTS Enforced Collections helps tax collectors:

  • Identify and Track Delinquent Taxes: Speed up turn-around-time and more effectively monitor the delinquent tax collections.
  • Create Mass Garnishments: Quickly and easily verify delinquent taxpayer employers and run wage garnishments in bulk.
  • Create Manual Garnishments and Legal Actions: Easily combine multiple delinquent bills for a single taxpayer into one legal action.
  • Manage Payment Plans: Stay on top of payments connected to legal actions. Know who is and isn't paying so that you can regularly follow-up on missed payments.
  • Collect Debt Setoffs: Automate Debt Setoff with a single process that identifies eligible tax debts, sends them to the NC Debt Setoff Clearinghouse and tracks any payments made through the debt setoff program back to the taxpayer's record.

Request a demo today to learn more about how NCPTS Enforced Collections can enhance your delinquent collection efforts.

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"The in-house efficiencies have been tremendous. We have found ways to do things in less time with less people."

Ben Chavis, Tax Director, Guilford County