NC's Premier Property Tax Solution

Increase your NC property tax collection rate by as much as 5% while cutting your workload in half!

Sound too good to be true? Not if you have NCPTS.

NCPTS is an end-to-end property tax system designed specifically for NC counties. NCPTS is jointly owned by Farragut and the NC Association of County Commissioners, managed by NCACC’s members, and supported by Farragut.

Best of all, because it incorporates the expertise and suggestions from tax professionals across the state, it actually works to improve not only the productivity and revenue in participating counties, but the workloads of tax office staff as well!

Discover What NCPTS Can Do for You

  • Increase Revenue
    NCPTS makes it easier than ever to collect the NC property tax revenue you're due. Our suite of auditing tools helps you discover and audit unreported business and personal properties. And, our enforced collection tools will help you identify delinquent taxes, manage payment plans, and initiate mass garnishments!

  • Decrease Workload
    NCPTS allows you to automate many of the manual tasks that drain staff time such as payment reminders and processing returned and unreturned listings. The result: Your staff will have more time to spend on discovery and your revenue will show it.

  • Improve Taxpayer Services
    NCPTS gives you instant, convenient access to the information your taxpayers demand. Plus, self-service web applications allow your taxpayers to manage their accounts and answer many of their questions without ever calling your office.

Contact us today to learn how your county can increase its property tax revenue and reduce time spent on manual tasks with NCPTS.